Beautiful, Heartfelt and Inspiring Music

Sonbranch Music creates beautiful, heartfelt and inspiring music.

Dozens of recording artists, worship leaders, musicians, painters, graphic artists and poets have contributed their God-given talents to our projects, including Fernando Ortega, Bryan Duncan, members of the Tommy Coomes band (Franklin Graham), and many others. Our musical vision has been to bridge traditional and contemporary styles of worship music with diverse instrumentation, rich arrangements, and spiritually engaging words to bring people peace, comfort and healing.

Sonbranch Music Presents David DeRaita!

David DeRaita is a gifted singer-songwriter and worship leader who brings a lifetime of musical experience, an emotionally powerful and soulful voice, and a unique blend of contemporary, blues, jazz and country gospel influences to his music. Shaped by his journey with Jesus, David's humility and love for God are reflected in his moving lyrics.

Released worldwide in June 2022, David says this about Sweet Merciful Grace: “These songs reflect my recent journey walking with Jesus. When you listen, I hope you hear faith, joy, promise, love renewed. I was made to worship God and when I do, I feel his presence and understand his purpose and will for my life. My hope is that these songs bring you closer to God by sharing my intimate worship of Jesus with you.”



The Greatest Gift is a beautiful Christmas song in the style of a traditional Christmas carol. Natalie Somma's singing conveys a sense of innocence of Mary lovingly looking at Jesus, truly The Greatest Gift to the world.

Reviews describe The Greatest Gift as beautiful, inspiring and uplifting. CD singles are available for order.



Restored is a collection of beautiful and heartfelt worship songs and modern hymns that deliver hope, healing and comfort to a hurting world. Restored is a contemplative journey of prayer and invitation for God's presence, a cry from the heart for healing and wholeness, the reassurance of God's love, and a bold proclamation to live life for Christ no matter what. Restored features recording artists and worship leaders Jamie Brown, Esther Mylar, Jonathan Noël, Cesar Ramirez, Marsha Skidmore, Adrina Thorpe and Jordan Ware.

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