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Sonbranch Music creates beautiful, heartfelt and authentic worship music, bringing hope, healing and comfort. The musically and spiritually engaging, beautifully arranged, and Christ-centered songs feature various recording artists and worship leaders, including Fernando Ortega, Bryan Duncan, members of the Tommy Coomes band (Franklin Graham), and many others.
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Restored is a collection of beautiful and heartfelt worship songs and modern hymns that deliver hope, healing and comfort to a hurting world. Restored is a contemplative journey of prayer and invitation for God's presence, a cry from the heart for healing and wholeness, the reassurance of God's love, and a bold proclamation to live life for Christ no matter what. Restored features recording artists and worship leaders Jamie Brown, Esther Mylar, Jonathan Noël, Cesar Ramirez, Marsha Skidmore, Adrina Thorpe and Jordan Ware. Restored was produced and engineered by John Andrew Schreiner. 

Focused on letting go of our circumstances and finding solace in God, the thirteen songs of Submitted are reflective, reverent and uplifting. Submitted features recording artists and worship leaders R. DeMeo, Bryan Duncan, Jeff Macaré, Esther Mylar, Fernando Ortega, Cesar Ramirez, Rick Riso, Peter Shambrook, Marsha Skidmore and Adrina Thorpe. Submitted was produced and engineered by acclaimed and Emmy-winning producer and composer John Andrew Schreiner.

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